2minutecompanyvideoLike most businesses, yours probably has too many great services to fit into a 30-second commercial.

But in our increasingly-visual culture, video marketing has proven to be extremely effective, with 64% of website visitors more likely to purchase an online product after watching a video.

That’s where our 2-minute video marketing package comes in. Tell your brand’s story and showcase all your business has to offer with a professional video for your website.

We spearhead the project from start to finish, from conceptualizing your video marketing piece to producing the feature. The footage can even be utilized for any cable or broadcast commercials that the Sleight Advertising creative team may produce in the future.

Unsure how video marketing might work for your industry? We’ve worked with a range of clients and can make any business, no matter how technical, more accessible through our video marketing.

Click below to see examples of 2-minute videos we’ve produced for our clients, then call (402) 334-3530 today to get started on your own video marketing.


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