3 Essential Benefits of Online Marketing

3 Essential Benefits of Online Marketing


Online marketing takes a holistic approach to the customer purchase funnel—purchase history, personal interests, and more are taken into account when deciding where and when to place advertisements for your business. But there’s plenty of non-behind-the-scenes activities that you as a business owner can see directly impacting your bottom line. Let’s take a broader view by reviewing 3 essential benefits of online marketing.

Pull, Don’t Push

With traditional media, your message can come across like a shotgun effect, delivered to vast numbers of people in hopes that it will reach your target audience. You’re pushing your message to them, banking on them making a decision to purchase your product or service. With online marketing, you are pulling in people who are ready to buy. They’re already in the bottom portion of the purchase funnel and ready to spend, all it takes it being in the right place at the right time. And online marketing can do just that.

Real-Time Results

After personalizing your message and sending it out to your highly targeted audience, you can then track results as they happen. Whereas as with traditional advertising, results can take longer periods of time to come in, online marketing allows you to gauge reactions from your customer base instantly.

Not getting the click-through rates you were shooting for? Conversion numbers low? Changes can then be made on the fly. Online marketing is adaptable and malleable in ways never before seen in the marketing world.


Compared to other venues of marketing, online marketing tends to be more cost effective. Avoiding physical pieces of advertising cuts out the printing costs and eliminates the investment of retail display space. And you’ll never have the regret of ordering too much of anything because demand and stock will be aligned. This 1:1 supply and demand model keeps your brand in front of the customer while ensuring you get the most for your marketing dollar.

Online marketing will keep your business competitive. Can you afford to be disconnected?

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