3 Incredibly Touching Father’s Day Ads

3 Incredibly Touching Father’s Day Ads


Father’s Day is the one day a year designated to thinking back on how our fathers have impacted our lives. We’ve collected three of the most touching Father’s Day ads to get you in the mood for reflection. Better grab a tissue.

Dove  Calls for Dad

Though Dove hit a homerun in viewership with its Real Beauty Sketches video, there are plenty who believe it perpetuates the false importance of beauty in the evaluation of self-worth. With their Father’s Day commercial, Dove shifts their narrative toward subtlety by showing sons and daughters call for their dads in times of trouble, uncertainty, and joy.

WestJet & Ronald McDonald House – Father’s Day Surprise

WestJet and Ronald McDonald House teamed up to bring a hard-working father away from the job he works for his family, and reunite him with his family. A WestJet employee trained to take over the father’s position for five days, then WestJet flew the father to the Ronald McDonald House where his son and wife were staying. A truly touching video, these two companies show what can happen when powers combine for a great cause.


Mae Toi (Thai Life Insurance) – Family is Forever

Likely one of the most touching life insurance ads to date, Mae Toi illustrates that no matter how turbulent a father and child’s relationship may be, a father’s love holds no grudges.