5 Reasons To Choose An Animated Video For Your Company

5 Reasons To Choose An Animated Video For Your Company


First off, if you’ve never seen an animated video in action, click on the video above. (Having trouble viewing it? Go directly to the linked video by clicking here.)

All set? Then let’s get to it. Here are five reasons to choose an animated video for your company:

1. Simplification of complex ideas. Attention—we’ve got little of it. There’s so much going on that if we’re not instantly curious, we’ll move on to the next source of stimulus. With the use of moving visual aids and a voiceover, animated videos not only turn complex ideas into digestible content, they’re also entertaining. Animated videos allow your company to get right to the heart of the matter, while combining the latest technology with the internet’s most popular content—videos.

2. Ease of storytelling. Animation harks back to a simpler time where life was much more easily understood. Though today’s animations allow for much more freedom on creative presentation, the idea behind this art form remains the same. In animation, the key focus is telling a story that is both widely understood and visually appealing.

3. A wider audience. Audiences love animated videos.  These types of videos, as mentioned a moment ago, appeal to a wide audience. Additionally, they’re especially effective at penetrating the “young, hip” crowd, and can even act as a supplement to live action videos.

4. Quicker turnaround. With live action videos, you have to scout locations, find talent, hire lighting directors, pre-plan for the shoot, shoot, and then deal with post-production color correction. Animated videos are much simpler. You storyboard and then animate. Hence, animated videos can get off the ground and “in the can” much quicker than live action videos.

5. Cheaper to produce. Without having to complete each of the tasks listed earlier, much time and money are saved. Those savings can then be put toward other endeavors, such as another animated video!

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