5 Ways To Create Better Social Media Content

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Create Better Social Media Content

Ah, the ever-waited summer vacation is looming. This time of year is hard to stay focused with wafts of barbecue following you around, and office talk of sunny trips and carefree attitudes. It’s all fun and games …until someone goes on vacation and completely foregoes their business’ social media plan.


If you’re having trouble keeping your head in the game this summer, check out these 5 tips to help you create better content for social media:


Look, your mind may still be on that great brunch you had last Sunday. So, why not turn it into a story people can relate to? Utilizing your personal experiences to compose great material can sometimes be the best way to reach your audience.



Some people mentally check out the minute they check out of the office. Some people take their work with them. Then there are the few who weave a story. If you’re out and about, jot down a few notes to use when you’re creating your next content idea. Inspiration can strike anywhere.



A picture is worth 1000 words. Nobody takes that more literally than social media content writers. Adding pictures to your content will increase your online engagement by 150%.



Do some research! See what’s trending on social media, and write your own view of the topic. Not only will you have a 1-up in the trending content department, you may be inspired to write about other related spin-off topics.



You don’t always have to write something new to gain traction in social media. Sharing formerly created content is a great way to bring attention to your social media pages. Don’t be afraid to share a link to your content more than once, as this will boost traffic and circulate content across multiple areas, reaching new followers.


Turn to these tips for inspiration and a little added boost to your social media plan. Once you get these tips in motion, your social media plan will be on track, and you can take the rest of the summer off! (Just kidding. Get back to work.)


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