ABS TreeCare has been one of our media clients for quite some time, and we've produced a few commercials for them. When we first started discussing increasing their lead generation with a mobile-first website, we knew we needed to create an upscale look for them. 


Working alongside the client, we interviewed current customers as well as people in the target market that they wanted to grow. We discovered what was most important to their customers was preserving the value of their home for generations to come. It's not just trimming a few branches here and there, it's about keeping the trees healthy and beautiful. 


Knowing this information, we worked on creating a logo that was clean and timeless and included a logo mark of a tree within a circle to represent their holistic care. We used images with rich greens, sun-drenched sky, and manicured trees. The photography and video we created focused on multi-generational families that are engaged in activity and conversation. Along with the logo, we created a few service icons tailored to their business. In addition, we used fonts are crisp and easy to read.