American Foundation & Waterproofing is a foundation repair company in Tennessee. When we first started working with them on updating their branding, they were originally American Foundation & Basement Repair. To broaden their company name, we discussed and switched Basement Repair to the expanded Waterproofing (which includes crawl space repair, encapsulation, sump pumps, drainage, and basement waterproofing). We collaborated with the American team to identify key aspects of their business. We determined that American was focused on the long term for not only themselves but mainly for the people they serve. They are proud of the work they provide and are dedicated to making sure each customer is satisfied with it too. When designing their logo, we wanted to come up with something strong but not hard. We achieved this by choosing a font that was bold but with slightly rounded edges to soften the appearance. The logo mark is comprised of an “A” with a house in the white space. We of course wanted to continue with the traditional red, white, and blue—with blue being the more dominant color. The other visual elements retain the strong and smooth feel, and the photography is bright, clean, and family-focused.