We developed the new Nebraska Hand & Shoulder website on a Mobile First AMP platform for the speed and simplicity. We discovered the essential things for patients to access was the four services, call now, locations, and customer reviews. The four service types: hand, wrist, elbow, shouldersymbolize 3D x-ray images with red heat spots to represent pain, facilitating patients navigating the site. 

Employing a clean color palette, with a calming teal, subtle pastel accidents, we a toned back red draw the user's eyes to the urgent information. Arrows are incorporated in many areas such as on the slider, service types, and as an in-page separator element which directs the eye. 

We actively designed the site with warning buttons for sensitive content like graphic surgical photos. Since the doctor gives a lot of informative technical information, our desire was to keep the site looking professional but easily readable for patients needing to discover more about the procedures he provides. In addition, we utilized accordions for medical references to minimize the amount of scrolling and information visually on the page.