When the owners of Ollie & Hobbes, a new craft kitchen restaurant in Papillion Nebraska, came to us to help create the Ollie & Hobbes brand, website, menus, and logo, we knew we had the start to a great partnership. We worked with them from beginning on what kind of feel they wanted and a sub-name for their kid-friendly, but not kiddish, upscale but not expensive, bar but not bar-atmosphere restaurant. For the website, they wanted something that would feel both classy and down-to-earth, something the entices customers to come there, and show off the type of foods they have. The mobile user experience is also extremely important because a large number of people are looking for a bit to eat while out running around. We are happy to have also introduced a video slider on this site which we shot with our SA Production Studio, in the owners existing restaurant downtown. During the shot we also took were able to take photos of their food, making it productive for us and them. Before the opening day, we also were able to go out and take some photos of their interior and exteriors.