Walder Foundation Products provides deep foundation support products for engineers and contractors in Virginia. Since they tailor the products to fulfill the needs of each client, they wanted to showcase that in their branding and messaging. We worked with their key members to distinguish a voice and identity for them and determined their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We then worked on developing a unique logo for them. We decided to incorporate a helical pier into the logo and utilized the shorthand WFP as the logo mark. The logo mark’s custom font has a wrapping/folding look to it to represent the way Walder tailors their products to each client’s needs. The color palette uses vibrant shades of blue with gray gunmetal accents and a bright pop of green. These colors together evoke feelings of strength and energy. With the rest of their brand identity—like fonts, photography, styling, and iconography—we came up with clean, simple, and clear visuals.