Zio's has been an Omaha staple for 30+ years, so we knew we needed to keep the essence of their brand to stay recognizable. We started working with Zio’s years ago and had to use their old logo that was a little rough-around-the-edges because of many save-downs and re-vectorization. We got to work trying to redesign the Zio's logo while narrowing down what made Zio's feel like Zio's. Was it the angled upwards Zio's? Was it the script-like font? The checkered pattern? Removing or altering each of these elements would completely remove Zio’s history and the 3 decades of established charm. 

Typically for us, updating and creating new logos are a breeze. The challenge comes when we try to narrow down which ones we want to present. With Zio's we created a bevy of different logos, however, it just wasn't Zio's. We went back to the drawing board and decided we needed to keep all of their established elements, but clean up the upward tilting Zio's font and update the checkered pattern. While the new and the old logo are awfully similar, we refined and remade the logo to be a crisper and clearer logo.