The client came to us with several items that they had planned to achieve at the beginning of their new ownership of the restaurant. During a conversation about sales flows, we discovered that there was a need to increase sales for August-Sept, as well as the month of January. At that point, we began brainstorming ideas to fix the lull in sales the best way possible, by giving back to the customers and to say thank you. Using the experience that we had, we planned to use a giveaway contest for the Aug – Sept lull. Keeping with the Zio’s brand and their New York-style pizza, we chose to do a contest to win a trip to New York City. 

To achieve their need to gather email address for an email campaign, along with increasing sales, we created the Big-O to The Big Apple scratch-off contest. For the contest, we requested that customers use the contact information portion of the scratch ticket to register for the New York trip. The remaining portion of the ticket contains a scratch-off space to give the customer a prize for participating. Every card is a winner to help continue the momentum of the 6-week contest. 

During the last 2 years of our contest, we have been able to secure over 20,000 email address to use for future promotions via email. What had historically been a lower sales period for the restaurant quickly began to increase in sales and show similar numbers to standard expectations for sales. 

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There was also a need for a push in January. In the restaurant industry, January is typically a slow sales month after the busy holiday season. To accommodate for that known pain area, we decided to create a holiday thank you campaign. In the month of December, each store hands out an allotted amount of holiday cards to customers to say, “Thank you”. The goal of this promotion is to offer the customers a discount card that they can return to the store in January for a special discount. We have only completed one year of this contest thus far and are excited to see the continued participation this coming year. 

Overall sales in this industry have historically seen multiple hills and valleys, however, by utilizing and correctly executing these promotions we have been able to heal some of those pain areas that are typically out of everyone’s control.