Why Choose Sleight?

We create success for our clients.

1. Sleight Advertising delivers Dramatic Sales & Market Share Growth by optimizing your Marketing, Advertising, and Branding Strategies

2. We have pioneered the Business Growth Engine, an integrated marketing solution that saves you time and maximizes results

3. We provide an advanced digital online team that ranks in the top 3% in the nation and gives your business a strong competitive advantage

4. We utilize a proprietary negotiation strategy that can double the impact of your marketing budget

5. We have an In-house Production Company that creates High-Quality 4K Video and Radio production that is effective and affordable

6. We possess a rare organizational urgency to provide exceptional service, overcome challenges, and deliver sustainable and substantial business growth

7. We provide a no charge insight-rich audit of your online strength that can identify areas of potential for increasing leads, sales, and brand strength

8. We have built a 31-year track record of integrity, award-winning performance, testimonials, and reviews 

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