Central Body Brand Assessment Questions

Please do not prepare or discuss your answers with other respondents. We will not attribute any information to specific individuals, so please be as forthcoming as possible.

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1. What is the company’s Mission Statement? (If there is one)
2. What is the company’s Brand Tagline? (If there is one)
3. What is the company’s Vision Statement (If there is one)
4. What is the main problem that we are trying to solve with this Re-Brand?
5. In a sentence, how would you describe the business?
6. What are the main divisions/departments or core services of your company?
7. What are the most unique characteristics of the company?
8. What are three things that your company does that are superior to your competition?
9. Describe a “Perfect Customer” for the business:
10. Name the essential traits that every Central Body employee should aspire to have?
11. How do you want your customer to feel when working with Central Body?
12. Are there any proprietary services, technology, or advantages that you offer that are important to your customers and your competition doesn’t offer?
13. In ONE word, Central Body is:
14. Do you know what customers believe about your brand right now? (How are we perceived in the marketplace?)
15. Does your company have a system in place to identify, solve and improve process from customer complaints? (If yes, please describe the system)
16. What are the most important reasons people come to Central Body instead of the competition?
17. Who are you most important competitors?
18. Picture Central Body as a person. How would you describe them?
19. What are the advantages that your key competition offers that you think are important?
20. If there was just one thing, you’d want people to remember about your company, what would it be?
21. Are there any proprietary methods or technologies you have that your competitors do not?
22. Think of someone famous who would best represent the brand. List as many as come to mind and why.
23. Besides the current logo, what images pop into your mind when you hear the name "Central Body”?
24. What is the one reason, above all else, why people buy from your competitors?
25. What is the average age of your customers?
26. Gender Percentage of Clients:
27. What Geographic area do you pull customers from presently?
28. Do you conduct customer satisfaction reviews?
29. If you were to describe your business as a car or truck , what year, make and model would it be?
30. What does your business do best – what single thing above all others makes your business or product a great choice for customers?
31. If you closed tomorrow, what qualities or services would your customers have the hardest time to find?
32. What do your clients want, if anything, that you don’t’ presently provide?
33. What are the most important future developments you foresee in your industry?
34. What are your customer’s most important fears and concerns?
35. Who are the key decision makers you deal with in prospecting, selling and closing a sale?
36. Are there any other insights into your company that we should know?