Centris FCU – All I Wanted Was A Car | Case Study

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Centris FCU


Sleight Advertising had a true challenge on their hands, one that has been plaguing credit unions since their inception—how can you show the difference between a bank and a credit union? Sleight Advertising chose the approach of personalized service. At a bank you are a number, but at a credit union you are a “member.”Case Study


Utilizing color-grading technology, Sleight didn’t simply dull our colors, they created atmospheres to visualize the personalized nature of Centris.

With the banker, the mood is cold and heartless, just like the character himself. The visual transition from the banker to Centris was a metaphor for how simple it is to drop your bank and become a member at Centris. Mixed with the pop of energizing colors, every second spent in Centris during the commercial exudes energy, passion, and kindness.

These juxtapositions of colors and characters solidified the objective of differentiating a credit union from a bank.Case Study


By creating an auto loan message that promotes all that Centris Federal Credit Union has to offer, we were able to increase loan production at Centris locations and through dealer financing.

In addition, the commercial won a Silver Award at the 2014 AMA Pinnacle Awards.

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