Digital Display Advertising

Digital display advertising campaigns can be used as an extension of traditional media to increase brand awareness and strengthen reach and frequency within a market. Display advertising can also be used for tracking leads by attaching conversion pixels to the site to track form fills and click-to-call units.

What is Display Advertising?

Simply, display ads are a form of pay-per-click advertising implemented to increase brand awareness. These ads are displayed on relevant websites and primarily rely on images, but can also take the form of audio or video to communicate to your audience. Target audience research, such as interests and demographics, as well as keyword strategies, are implemented to ensure your advertisements reach your intended audience. 

What Types of Ads are Considered Display Ads? 

Display advertisements are typically comprised of banner ads, responsive ads, and rich media ads and that are displayed on websites. 

  • Banner Ads: These are advertisements displayed on web pages that link to your website. Banner ads can come in a variety of sizes but are often seen in rectangular boxes at the top or sides of a web page. Unlike native ads that blend into a page, these advertisements stand out as paid ads. 
  • Responsive Ads: These are ads that literally respond to the size of available ad space, meaning that they will adjust to fit into virtually any ad room on a website. These can often be considered native ads, as they can appear to be “native” to their surroundings. 
  • Rich Media Ads: These advertisements use video and sound. Some rich media ads begin playing as soon as a user enters a page, or they can begin when a user scrolls over the advertisement. 
  • Interstitial Ads: These ads will expand across a screen during a user’s navigation between new pages or activities. 

What are the Benefits of Display Advertising?

One of the greatest benefits of display advertising is that it will help bring awareness to your brand through promotional advertisement. While other digital marketing strategies focus on search engine visibility or building relationships with existing clients, display marketing helps expand your reach even further. By pushing advertisements to relevant websites, you can introduce your product to new customers within your target audience. 

Display Advertising and PPC Campaigns

One of the benefits of display advertising is that they can be used to compliment PPC campaigns. PPC campaigns use a pull approach while display uses a push approach, meaning that display ads are a quick way to promote products and services your intended audience. While PPC search campaigns catch users as they are actively seeking, display catches users by applying contextual and behavioral filters that set unique targeting for each audience.

Track Your Campaign’s Effectiveness

Another benefit of this digital marketing strategy is the ease with which you can track its results. Because display ads operate on a pay-per-click basis, you’ll be able to measure your reach. With specific click, impression, and conversion rates, you’ll be able to tell just how display ads are benefiting your business. 

Added Value for More Impressions

It's not a set it and forget it mentality with our media buyers. They're working through the entire process to make sure everything is running correctly, and that you're getting the best rates possible. We take your budget and stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go to give you the best bang for your buck. Our Google Ads management services and detailed reporting at Sleight Advertising will show you exactly how your digital marketing is working to grow your business.

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