Local Search Optimization

Thanks to Sleight's specialized locally-targeted search engine optimization (SEO) services, local SEO helps customers easily find you when they're near your business. Our SEO specialists focus on optimizing your business in its local area so your customers will know who you are and where you are. This can help you in organic search results, as search engines can penalize for improperly managed and inconsistent contact information out on the web.

Cleaning up and managing all your information properly can add to your bottom line and the success of your web presence. Leave it to the pros at Sleight to put together a strategy to help your customers find you and drive your ROI.

Business Directory Listings

The Yellow Pages were a business necessity 20 years ago. These days, online business directory listings such as Google My Business are the heart of your local, online presence and an integral part of your local SEO strategy. These directory listings give your customers access to your business information while directing them to your website to learn more.

That being said, it's important that these directory listings are accurate and consistent so your customers don't struggle to find more details about your business. By monitoring your listings for correct information, we can help reinforce your search authority. This, in turn, improves your rankings, ensuring your customers will find you at the top of search engine results. Not only that, your customers won't be frustrated when they can't find a correct address, phone number, or store hours. 

We give your customers the correct information to contact your business and provide consistent branding across the directories, which is key for local SEO. Consistency and accuracy are imperative for representing your business online, and this integrity is reflected in our local SEO strategies.

Call Tracking

Our local SEO services employ call tracking so you can see what volume of calls are generated from our strategy. Your dedicated account manager will meet with you quarterly and review your phone calls and approximate lead counts, based on the phone calls we've listened to. If your company is unable to record phone calls for privacy reasons, it can easily be turned off. Rely on the team at Sleight Advertising to manage your local SEO efforts to drive more ROI.

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