First things First!

First things First!


“First things First!”

How many times have we all heard this from the mentors in our lives?? I can personally attest that I was told this at least 3252 times from mine.
When it comes to the website that supports your business, this exhortation is especially true. Because, if you don’t have a great looking, easy to navigate, rich with a relevant content website, then you’re really limiting the potential of your business. But maybe you’re one of the few who is way ahead of the game. Your site is a virtual wonderland and it’s bringing in more business than you can possibly handle.
How can you tell how your site is doing? I thought you’d never ask!
Here they are……….. (Que the Booming Base Voice)


6 critical questions to ask about your own site:


  1. Is it super easy for your staff to change out text, copy, and video on your site? (So easy, that Gertrude, the original Receptionist of the Company, can even do it?)
  2. Do you receive compliments on how easy it is to find helpful information on your site, or do you cringe when you go there yourself?
  3. How well does your site look and feel when compared to your best competition?
  4. Do you have a professionally produced video on your site that will make people fall in love with your company?
  5. Are you consistently tweaking the keyword content on your site in order to optimize your site and raise your SEO scores?
  6. Is the LOOK of your site consistent with your Brand Personality?


If you answered these questions, then you deserve a hearty Atta-Boy or Atta-Girl for staring marketing reality straight in the eyes.
Where ever you’re at in the life cycle of your website, give us call and we’ll help you maximize its impact on your overall marketing effectiveness.