Helping Businesses Get Discovered Online

Helping Businesses Get Discovered Online


In 2015, Sleight Advertising is celebrating a 2nd consecutive year of Best Advertising Agency in B2B Omaha Magazine’s Best of B2B yearly competition. For 26 years, our team at Sleight Advertising has prided ourselves on serving companies in Omaha and across the nation. One of the things we’ve heard from clients is how important it is for them to develop a larger online presence. At Sleight Advertising, we have attributed our success to helping companies get discovered.

There are a lot of components that go into how people find and talk about your business. People are reviewing, supporting, discussing and recommending businesses, but they are utilizing new methods, like social media, search listings, and mobile devices, to do so. At Sleight Advertising, we are passionate about our online marketing and SEO efforts to make sure you are staying relevant online.

Responsive Websites

Our team starts with a foundation. Basically, a home base for your business: creating a clean, responsive website. Not only is it important to have clear, accurate information on your site, it is crucial that your viewers can see it from a tablet or mobile device as well. A responsive site allows users to view your site from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, making your information available through multiple devices.

SEO Optimization

It is important to have correct and concise website information, but it is additionally important that your information is accurate across other searchable online locations. Our team consolidates and combs search engines for locations relevant to your business, pinpointing issues, and updating any inaccurate information as we go.

Keyword Implementation

Targeting the right keywords is an essential part of SEO. Our keyword techniques are implemented so each of your products and services are visible across the web. Through both organic and paid search, our team uses real keywords and real research to get real results.

Inbound Link Building

Inbound linking is important for SEO and for the users that are searching for relevant information relating to your business. Inbound linking gives your business more online authority, which then gives you a higher keyword rank. Our team builds online content and links it to high authority domains. The overall goal is to improve your keywords and increase your page rank, making your business, product, and services easier to find in search engines.

Sleight Advertising makes your online business presence a top priority. We are honored to be Best Advertising Agency in B2B Omaha Magazine’s Best of B2B. It is our passion to optimize businesses through online marketing, and we want to help others do the same. Based on your vote and our ratings, we know we’re the right agency for the task. Give us a call today at 402-334-3530 and let us help you get your business discovered.