How Video Consumed the Internet

How Video Consumed the Internet


I’m often asked, why we are such strong proponents of Video in our Agency? After all, aren’t there a lot of companies that still don’t leverage the power of video in their marketing strategy.


You see, while hiring Sleight Advertising to provide Video Production for your company doesn’t alone guarantee your success, it sure does increase your chances.  But why? Well, because a lot of your competition isn’t taking advantage of the fastest growing medium on the Internet. Just think about it for a moment; haven’t you noticed how people seek out and consume video like it was some kind of drug.  And it’s just not some kind of Gen X or Millennial preoccupation anymore.  I was sitting in a restaurant at noon today listening to a couple of 55-year-old ladies watching a video about landscaping on their iPhone’s.  If you would have told me 5 years ago about this, I would have never have believed it.

And it’s only going to accelerate.  
Have you noticed how the “motion picture” went from the Big Screen to television, to mobile, and eventually to Google Glasses and who knows where else in the future? Yes, the Internet is spreading everywhere, and right on its back is Video. Don’t wait till next year. Whatever it is you are selling, promoting, or talking about, make the move to Video.

And for heaven sake have it done professionally…. even if you don’t hire us.