How Your Business Can Use Instagram

How Your Business Can Use Instagram


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, and as one of the top 10 most popular apps for smartphone, there are plenty of opportunities for your business to get involved. With a broad spectrum of social platforms being used and created now, it’s hard to know the best way to optimize your social marketing, and how to get the most from each platform you use.

Here are some tips on including Instagram in your business plan.

Tell A Story

With images and videos being the bread and butter of this social platform, you should take advantage of the creative visuals you can showcase. Create a balance with both fun content and business-related content to keep your followers actively engaged in visual storytelling.

Create A Mini-Series

Looking to showcase a new product or put a new spin on a campaign? Creating a series of cohesive photos or videos on Instagram is a great way to do some modern advertising and reach your targeted audience.


The best way to gain followers is to follow others and like their photos and videos. Interact with current followers, and seek new connections. The more you show Instagram some love, the more the Instagram community will show it right back.

Use Trending Tags

We’ve already discussed hashtags and SEO, and how they connect your potential customers to your business. Using hashtags on Instagram is very similar. On top of using hashtags in your day-to-day Instagram interactions, it’s also helpful to use industry-related hashtags. If you attend a business event that integrates its own hashtag, use it with your content for that event. It helps your followers, and other attendees keep up with your business interactions.


Give a little incentive to your followers. Encourage them through a rewards campaign by asking them to follow your business on Instagram, like an image, or post their own image with a designated hashtag. Creating micro-campaigns and incentives like these can boost your following and your social media reach quickly and easily.

By integrating Instagram into your social media plan, and utilizing visual campaigns, you are providing a personal connection with your customers and followers.