Let’s Talk About Content!

Let’s Talk About Content!


Content on your website helps you rank in searches, getting you the recognition you deserve. It also establishes an identity with your users that you are a reliable, informed and professional business. But what kind of content do you need to accomplish this? What is the difference between starter content and premium content, and how can you use content to your advantage?

Content Strategy

Your strategy should be an outline of your key business needs and how you will use content to address them. There isn’t necessarily a definite go-to when building a content marketing strategy, because each business is different in the needs and content it provides. You should, however, consider using your business plan and your brand identity when building your content strategy.

Starter Content

To lay a foundation and enforce your brand identity, starter content exists to help you inform people of your business. It helps satisfy common, first-time questions, like:

  • What is your business all about?
  • Are you credible?
  • Can I trust you?


Premium Content

This content is can include e-books, articles or content that is offered to readers on a subscription basis. It can help you monetize your online presence, and provide in-depth knowledge to your clients. It benefits your business by showing you are a knowledgeable leader in your industry, and it benefits your readers by providing answers to more detailed questions regarding your industry.

Using a content strategy can put your business on the right path to gaining more web recognition. By providing a credible source for your users to access, you are establishing your brand as a trustworthy source in your industry. Get your content ready!