Social Marketing Beginnings Social Marketing Beginnings


Social Marketing Beginnings

Mal Pearson was a 22 yr. old visionary with a huge vision and a completely unknown brand. She wanted to connect with women in the competitive fashion and lifestyle segment, yet in an entirely different way. Rather than the usual, “here’s what the stars are wearing….” The approach, Mal wanted to empower REAL women to create their own personal style with practical, entertaining and encouraging content in a variety of delivery platforms. The SA Team developed a new Web Site, Facebook pages, a series of Social Marketing strategies, promotions, and video programming on the internet to create the Mal Pearson Brand.


The results?

  • Mal Pearson is now a recognized thought leader in the dynamic fashion and lifestyle segment.
  • Mal is a regular guest on the CW Network’s Morning Buzz program seen on over 170 television stations across the U.S.
  • Mal’s credibility has given her unique opportunities and relationships in the fashion world.
  • Mal has developed a strong relationship with her followers and now has over 23,000!

And if all that weren’t enough, on April 2, 2012 Mal released her revolutionary iPhone App StyleItSocial. On StyleItSocial users can upload their own outfits, stylist, looks and receive feedback from the StyleItSocial community. They can also give constructive feedback on others looks, hire a stylist straight from the app and win all sorts of prizes. Check it out here: