Marketing To Millennials

Marketing To Millennials


There seems to be a stigma with the millennial generation. A lot of businesses are quick to write off this young adult group of 20 and 30-somethings. Perhaps it’s because they appear young and flighty. Maybe they seem broke, sans spending cash, so why would you want to bank on that? Actually, millennial spending power is increasing yearly.

I, myself, am a millennial. Several of my friends and coworkers are millennials also, so we have a little insight to share: It has never been easier to sell us stuff. We love buying stuff. We want to buy your stuff. We like to experience new things, and we want you to sell us this experience.


We Live For Mobile Marketing

I am glued to my smartphone for about 15 of my 16 waking hours. Even when I sleep, it’s never more than two feet away, just waiting for me to rise and start the process all over again. I tell everyone that the best way to reach me is via text or messenger, and I get all of my news from mobile apps. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t look up from my smartphone long enough to see what you’re selling me via another form of marketing. If you want to reach me, it’s best to throw it at me via mobile device.


We Value Our Research

“I’m not sure, let me Google it.” I utter this on a daily basis. It has become my catchphrase, whether I am talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, looking up a lunch location, or researching a company. My Google search gets a workout. So, wouldn’t you want to implement keywords and niche phrases to pop up in my Google search results when I’m looking for something related to your business? Obviously.


We Know What We Like

My entire work trashcan is littered with yogurt containers and grande coffee cups. We all have habits, and we know what we’re looking for. Geo-Targeting goes hand-in-hand with my Googling habit. If I’m searching for a nearby coffee shop, I mean a NEARBY coffee shop. Not one that’s 10+ miles out of my way. I’m looking for the barista down the street. We live in a world of instant gratification, my friends. You want to bank on that and show up in local search results. Trust me.

But We Want To Try Something New

We don’t approach life the same way as former generations, because we see vast options, not life paths. We connect over communities and social groups. Marketing to us in focused niche segments, alternative lifestyles, celebrity following, and social causes, will speak to us on a more personal level since we have strong feelings and opinions towards these topics. Blanketing an ad to cover a life stage of 20-somethings or 30-somethings will only isolate your brand, and leave us thinking you don’t really know us well at all.


We are putting it straight into your hands. With buying power, a mind for spending, and an eagerness to consume new things, millennials could be a business’ best friend.