Case Study: Mortgage of Bliss | Centris FCU


Centris Mortgage of Bliss


Centris Federal Credit Union sought to bring in new mortgages. Sleight Advertising formulated a plan to reach the target 25-34 year-old female demographic by creating a commercial that spoke to two of their common interests: relaxation and comfort.


With Centris Federal Credit Union looking to reach a target demographic of 25-34 year-old females, Sleight Advertising decided on the comfort that a yoga motif implies. In this case, females of the target age are known for their attraction toward yoga and similar activities for their relaxing nature.

The target demographic is also a tech-savvy audience. The use of the iPad and promotion of online payments and contest spoke to yet another factor the demographic could relate to and provided two incentives for them to get a mortgage through Centris: ease of the process, and a chance to win free mortgage payments for a year.

On the technical side, the use of motion tracking for the Centris wall painting turned the female’s apartment into the residence of a brand champion for Centris.

Video Production on Location


By relating to the target demographic on the topic they’re familiar with and enjoy, SA was able to get the Centris message across with much less viewer resistance.

In addition, the commercial won a Gold Award at the 2014 AMA Pinnacle Awards.