Case Study: Omaha Steel Rebrand


Omaha Steel Website

The Challenge

Omaha Steel, a company with 100+ years of history, came to SA with a unique challenge. How do you tell the story of an old-world steel mill that is transforming itself and the industry with advanced technology and a totally new approach to engineering and communication?

Our Objective

Re-create the Omaha Steel brand and position it for leadership as the New American Foundry


The first step was a brand assessment designed to identify the unique DNA and innovative approach to engineering that have become the hallmarks of Omaha Steel. What immediately became apparent was an obsession with quality and providing clients with innovative services and process optimization. We also noted that their hands-on, collaborative approach with clients and their multi-disciplinary engineering expertise were significant brand distinctions.


Our goal was to bring life and warmth. Omaha Steel is a company that cares about the customer journey and prides themselves in making high-quality modern castings. Accordingly, we chose a geometric font; sans-serif and slightly rounded to signify craftsmanship and precision. We also chose to use a warm gray for the “Omaha” in the logo, and a gradient orange to represent the pouring, melting, and cooling of steel. Finally, since the logo would have to be a distinctive mark on steel parts, we incorporated the gear in the “O” of Omaha, and hooked the “S” in Steel around it, thus achieving the optimal brand identity, even for small parts.


“Engineering Excellence. Casting Trust.” The tagline combines Omaha Steel’s focus on advanced engineering and their total commitment to the highest customer service levels in the industry.


Leveraging the data derived from our Brand Archetype research, our team concepted a new, responsive site that delivered a bold, yet sophisticated industrial look. The finished site,, is much more in step with the innovative technologies and customer engagement strategies employed by Omaha Steel.

Omaha Steel Website


It’s one thing to see a picture of molten steel, but it’s another to see it captured in slow motion.

The SA Production team researched the facility and concepted an approach that would be visually engaging while highlighting the unique services and expertise of the company. The finished video was strategically placed on the new website’s front page and the company’s YouTube channel for maximum exposure.

The Result

A new, vibrant brand that reflects the phenomenal qualities of one of the American industry’s greatest success stories.