Online Content: Quality vs. Quantity

Online Content: Quality vs. Quantity


I recently attended a webinar about online content strategies, and it really got me thinking about the amount of content we supply to our social followers, versus the type and quality of content we provide. As businesses, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is attempting to gain a social following through piles and piles of basic content.

A lot of businesses have this content problem. Putting information out there for the sake of having it, rather than filtering out what’s actually relevant to our followers, has a negative impact on the business model you’re trying to build.

I’m not saying shut your laptops and give up on your online presence, but what we must do for our businesses and for our readership is stop and think about the content we supply.


First, look at your content and determine if what you’re putting out there is applicable to your brand. Sometimes, trying to contort trending hashtags to fit your brand can look forced and create confusion among your followers. Stick to topics that relate to your business, your services, and your products.


Are you creating or sharing outdated content? We’ve all made this mistake. With social media constantly changing and evolving, why wouldn’t we expect the same change and evolution from our own content? Keep your website updated. Keep your social media content current. Always keep things fresh.


What is your content telling your followers about your brand? Sure, many followers respond well to popular images, trends and hashtags. But, for example, if pictures of puppies and cheeseburgers are trending, and your business doesn’t have anything to do with puppies or cheeseburgers, you probably shouldn’t be posting that kind of content.

Is it relevant? Is it timely? Is it informational?

If all three of these questions aren’t a resounding YES, you have some content clean-up to do!

Online content creation is expensive and time consuming, so making sure your content is hitting the marks for your followers gives you a better margin, better results, and better conveyance. Creating a higher standard of content for your business is the golden ticket your followers demand and deserve.