In the world of video production, sometimes an “event” can take place that actually turns into an opportunity to make a better commercial or movie.

Last night we were shooting for a non-profit in an urban location that happened to be about 200 yards from an Amtrak Station.  We were directing some young talent on a running scene, when a train began approaching.  At first, I was frustrated because I was having to yell over the roar and then 'it' hit me. Having  a moving train as a background was a lot better than just having the soft tint of a dimly lit street!  The crew jumped into action and we ran the scene again to capture the moment before the train passed (if you’ve ever seen the movie “Super 8”,  you’ve got the picture in your mind).  Fortunately, we were better prepared and the train didn’t derail and explode in the middle of the scene!
When it comes to marketing your business, sometimes “trains” better known as problems or challenges, can occur that are actually thinly veiling opportunities for you to better market your business.   A couple of examples come to mind:

  1. A family or business needs your service because of  a high visibility disaster that will generate a major human-interest angle with the Press. Take advantage of the opportunity before someone else does!
  2. A customer gives you a gushing thank-you for the work your company has done.  Strike while the iron is hot!  Capture this enthusiasm and passion in a testimonial.  I know you’re busy and it takes time, but this is the kind of  “Gold” that is rare and precious.
  3. Your company is introducing a new product or service.  Resist the temptation to just announce it with a half-hearted press release and tri-fold brochure that has all the excitement of a children’s sparkler. Instead ask SA to create an attention getting media strategy that will launch things like a major 4th of July Mortar Explosion.

The next time a “loud train” shows up in your life,  ask yourself,  how can I take advantage of this? Don’t let “business as usual” keep you from utilizing innovative and exciting marketing approaches.



photo credit: josef.stuefer via photo pin cc