Planning Social Media Posts? Yeah, you should.

Planning Social Media Posts? Yeah, you should.


Keeping up with social media is time consuming and can be frustrating if you’re not organized. A lot of companies are rushed for content, thinking they must put something out there in the social media world RIGHT. NOW. It’s not uncommon.

You can stop the scramble!

Get organized. Schedule your content. Shine that halo and look like the perfect social media manager.

Where are you contributing?

Think about the different social media platforms you use. The basic essentials work for most businesses: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram. You don’t have to be active in ALL of them. What works for one business may not be beneficial for another. Keep in mind that there is such a thing as an oversaturated market, and contributing content doesn’t mean you’re putting quality content out there. Think about what you want to say, and make sure it means something.

Get a template.

Got your content? Good. Now you need a template! HubSpot has a good one here. (And it’s free!) Find a template that works for you, but whatever template you decide on, your social media calendar will become your work bestie.

Create a schedule.

Platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite help you manage and schedule your posts. Do a little research to see which program works for the platforms you’re using. It doesn’t matter which program you use, or if you want to schedule them individually by social media platform. The most important point to scheduling out social media content is to get you organized with your message. You don’t want to be pulling your hair out daily, trying to come up with quality content for your brand.

Get your post on!

So, how often do you need to post? (If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question…)

Optimize it.

Obviously, you want to post at the times when most people will see your content, right? I’ll just leave this handy infographic from KISSmetrics here:

[img id=”6133″]

Stay on your toes!

Hold up, friend. Just because you schedule out your content doesn’t mean you can take a long lunch and relax. (Ok, maybe relax a little.) Updated content and breaking news are two essentials that add benefit to your social media pages. The idea isn’t to replace your social media plan, it’s to supplement your fancy, new social media scheduler with on-trend, in-the-now content.


Follow these steps, and you’ll help tame your social media stress!