Quality Video Production Requires a Great Team

Quality Video Production Requires a Great Team


As a business owner, I’m always analyzing our performance. During a recent commercial shoot, we had a break in the action while we reset some dolly tracks and planned the next scene. I had a few minutes to talk with our primary talent who was a brilliant young lady from Kansas City. The shoot, like many I’ve been on, was a high-priority, tightly choreographed project, and I was really curious about her perception of our staff’s performance. So I asked her to be brutally honest about what she thought about our people and how we approached the craft.

“It’s funny you asked me that because I just got off the phone with my boyfriend,” she said. “I told him how great it was to work with people who are very good at what they do but are very encouraging and fun. I hope I get a chance to work with you again!”

I was delighted to hear that about our Cinematographer, Producer, Lighting Director, Makeup Artist and the rest of our crew. But what I really took home from her comments was a huge reminder of the importance of finding the right people for an organization.

We’ve been blessed with amazing people who are absolutely wonderful to have around and make it a joy to come to work in the morning.

What’s the secret to identifying them?

I think our talent might have given us a few clues: “Good at what they do, encouraging and fun.” Competence is a staple of importance, but what do “encouraging” and “fun” really mean?

To be a true encourager, you have to be someone that truly cares about other people. So along with a number of other criteria, I’ve learned over the years to look for “gems” that have this kind of quality. And the difference in having caring people on your team is truly astounding. Because when your staff truly cares, they enthusiastically help the company succeed by going the extra mile to solve problems, overcome challenges, and ensure that the client achieves their objectives and dreams.

And when that happens, everyone involved has a whole bunch of fun!