Rock Star’s and Video Production…

Rock Star’s and Video Production…


I sat down this morning and attempted to get into my “Blog Mind”. For those of you who dabble in this strange world, you know how challenging that can be sometimes. So I fell back on a conventional strategy; got a spot of tea, closed my door, opened iTunes and clicked absent-mindedly on a play list. One of my favorite Billy Joel songs, “I go to Extreme’s” came up. Good start, now what to write about? Billy came to an end but nothing came up. I was still staring at the screen when Peter Frampton started hitting his riff’s with the Stevie Wonder classic, “Signed Sealed Delivered”. (I know I’m really dating myself here!)

Then it hit me!

The first line, “Here I am, baby…” really seemed to capture what the essence of why Video is the absolute King of the Hill when it comes to promotion. When ever you use a well produced video on your website, in your commercials, or corporate video, it is as if your brand is dressed to the Nines, and singing out a sweet siren song, “Here I am, baby”…..signed sealed delivered, I’m yours! It’s hard to over-emphasize just how important it is to have pristine HD video as part of your marketing efforts.

Recently, we completed a project with a client who had initially responded to the idea of a 2-minute company video with a fair amount of skepticism. However, they were curious enough to proceed. The Sleight Advertising team developed a great script and production plan and then spent a day on site shooting the business and testimonials. When we got done, they were absolutely blown away, not only by the Quality, but also by the sheer impact it had on their site’s overall power. So, take Peter’s advice, and get on the, “Here I am baby” video bandwagon. And don’t worry; if you call the SA Video Production Team, you won’t have to go to “Extreme’s” to get it done. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.