Sarah, the Blended Lead, and the Art of Media Buying

Tracking the “origin” of a sales lead used to be a pretty simple thing;  a consumer heard a radio spot, or a saw your newspaper ad, they looked your name up in the yellow pages and gave you a call. Then they probably went over to see Ward and June Cleaver. But that was yesterday, and yesterday is gone.

Fast forward to present day and the media landscape has gotten fragmented, to say the least. Now, thoroughly modern Sarah (our 36 year old target market personality) first hears a radio spot during morning drive. She’s busy sipping her latte and talking on her iPhone so she doesn’t quite get the whole message. Later that day, she’s standing in the lunchroom at work when one of your TV spots comes on, but her train of thought is derailed when her boss announces the latest crises. Finally later that night, Sarah plops down in front of her computer and does a search utilizing part of your business's name. Fortunately, you listened to our repeated pleas for a consistent SEO program, so your name pops up right at the top of the page. Next day, she calls or emails, your enthusiastic sales person closes the sale, and life is good!

And now the big question; who gets credit for the Lead?

Answer:  They all do.

And that is precisely why you must have a carefully planned and executed integrated media plan.