The power of print still matters . . .

Print design matters. Whether it’s the power and impact of a well-crafted business card, an eye-catching direct mailer, a banner that draws the eye across a room, or a billboard that captures attention across city blocks…There’s still some things print does better than digital. Print pulls people in.

Sleight’s designers have a heart, and an eye, and a feel for crafting messages that can be touched, and messages that reach out and touch your target audience. Consumers still have a sweet spot for that touchable, tangible, connective experience. Sleight designers are still sweet on the craft of print.

The fact is, there are still many jobs that only a tangible, printed piece can do . . . some targets that only a perfectly designed and crafted card, brochure or mailer can pierce.

The overall goals of print and digital web design are the same, to get your targeted customer’s attention, and to keep it as long as possible, to entice them to dive more deeply into an exploration of what your business has to offer them. But the vehicles differ. They must flow and work together. Integrated design pulls consumers into your message — so you can convert them into customers.

Sleight Advertising’s diverse and far-reaching portfolio showcases the wide range of what our print design services can accomplish for you.  We work with both local and national printers to provide you exactly what you need, including direct mail, brochure, stationery, business cards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, flyers, and more. Whatever your print design need, our professionals have you covered.

Proof of Print Power.

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