Sleight Advertising Offers In-House Video Production in Omaha

Sleight Advertising Offers In-House Video Production in Omaha


Sleight Advertising offers a wide variety of in-house video production in Omaha. No matter the size of your business or budget, Sleight Advertising has the solutions you need to get your message out. Be it video for television, web, or anything in between, you can rest assured that your project will come through on-time, on-budget, and with the high quality our clients have come to expect from our production team.

Below you’ll find a few types of video styles we offer. To see other examples of our in-house video production, visit our portfolio.

2-Minute Company Videos
With the influx of information coming to each of us through our computers and smartphones, it can be difficult to grab the attention of your audience; shorter content in the form of videos works best to communicate your company’s message. In two minutes, you’ll be able to tell your company’s story, showcase your products and services, and give a strong call to action that will have you attracting new business in no time.

See an example of a 2-minute company video we’ve created for our satisfied clients by clicking here.

Television Commercials
Our in-house video production team has worked on countless television commercials, some of which you may have recently seen. With our state-of-the-art technology and professional lighting, you can share your message with the nation through a television commercial that will be sure to capture your target audience’s attention.

Click here to see examples of our television commercials created by our in-house video production team, right here in Omaha.

Aerial Videos
Get the bird’s eye view of your business with our quadra-chopper drone. Attached to the drone is the latest in high-definition video device for the sharpest video available.

Would you like a professional video created by our in-house video production team but don’t see it listed above? Our list of video services is always expanding, so give us a call today at (402) 334-3530 and we’ll help you get you what you need, and at a price that’s sure to please any budget.