Drive Results with Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network with nearly 2 billion users. In case you missed that, 2 BILLION users! Out of that 2 billion users, most of them are incessantly checking it several times per day, giving you a wide-open door to a ton of exposure as a business owner. These days, customers expect you to be on Facebook. It's almost viewed as a secondary website, as most people may choose to visit your Facebook page before they even search for your website! Your customers expect you to be there, so be there. The team at Sleight Advertising can take this off of your plate with our Facebook management services, so you can focus on your business. 


Have Purpose Behind Your Posts

Being there is step one. Having an effective strategy is step two - a very important step. Having a sub-par Facebook page can give your customers a sub-par feeling about your business. Inconsistent posting that doesn’t bring any value to their newsfeed can quickly get you an "unfollow" from your customers. Posting educational, engaging content is key to driving a successful Facebook strategy. Our social media experts at Sleight Advertising know just how to keep your audience engaged.

Two-Way Street

The best part of Facebook? Direct interaction with current or potential new customers! Whether someone leaves a positive, negative, or neutral comment, this is your chance to immediately respond directly to them and build relationships. Your website is a one-way street for customers to gather data about your business, where Facebook is a two-way street where you can answer questions and provide immediate responses. Think of comments as phone calls, you wouldn’t want to ignore a customer's phone call, would you? Our Facebook management and monitoring system makes sure your audience doesn't go ignored.

Increase Reach with Advertising

Facebook was the first platform to abruptly put a halt to organic reach with a more pay-to-play model. While organic content is a vital piece of your strategy, use Facebook advertising to get more exposure. Our team at Sleight Advertising knows how to reach your audience, what to say, and how to show you it's working through detailed reporting.