Show What You’re All About on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to show your current or potential customers what your business is all about. Whether it be behind-the-scenes footage, showing off your awesome company culture, or promoting your products, customers want to relate to businesses and see what they're all about behind the scenes. Your website shows how awesome your products are, while Instagram shows how they're made.

Expand Reach with Hashtags

The importance of hashtags varies on a platform-by-platform basis. On Facebook, people rarely use hashtags or search for them. On Instagram, people live and breathe hashtags. For businesses, hashtags exponentially increase your organic reach. How many hashtags should you use? What should your hashtags be? Don't over-do it, don't under-do it, and keep it relevant. We'll help you find the perfect mix.

Advertise for More Exposure

Facebook owns Instagram, so all of the specific targeting capabilities of Facebook carry over into Instagram - which is great news for advertisers. Organic content can only get you so far, so take advantage of the advertising options that Instagram has to offer. Our team at Sleight Advertising knows how to combine organic content with an advertising strategy to make the most out of your Instagram presence. Our detailed reporting will show you exactly how it’s working to grow your business.

Don't Just Be There, Be Bold

More than any other social platform, Instagram is all about visual stimulation. Instagram takes us back to the basic principle of capturing attention: people like to look at pretty things. If you're there, you have to look good. Posting low-quality images or videos won't get you anywhere and can give customers a poor representation of your business. Our in-house creative services will give you professional, visually-stunning photos and videos to snazz up your Instagram profile and keep your followers interested in your content.