The Benefits of Twitter

Keep your audience in the know. Twitter is a very quick way to keep your audience updated about what's happening with your business. Nearly 200 million tweets are going out daily, and it's a great way for people to consume news and updates very quickly from businesses they follow. At Sleight, we know how to give them a quick snippet to get them hooked and encourage them to visit your website for more information.


Be There, All the Time

Twitter is a very fast-paced platform. Constant updates are tweeted out from celebrities, news outlets, businesses, and people who just want to share the latest meme with their friends. While frequent posts may cause unfollows on Facebook or Instagram, that’s not the case on Twitter. People want to hear from your business frequently, so sharing often and using hashtags is key to getting more exposure.

More Brand-Focused than Sales-Focused

When marketing on social media in general, you have to walk the fine line of not being too "salesy" but still gaining interest in your business. This is particularly true on Twitter. Think of it more as a branding tool to increase interest in your brand, rather than drive direct sales. It's a great platform to interact with your customers and show your brand personality to build relationships and customer loyalty.

Boost Exposure Through Advertising

Like all social platforms, take advantage of their advertising options to increase exposure! The use of hashtags on Twitter is great to get more organic reach, but we recommend taking it a step further with advertising. Whether you want to grow your followers, increase website traffic, or get more video views, our team at Sleight will implement an advertising strategy to show your tweets to more people.