Targeting with Twitter

Targeting with Twitter


At Sleight, we emphasize the importance of utilizing social media as a way to connect with your customers on a granular level. We’ve talked a lot about creating conversations with your followers, the importance of keywords and ranking, and using branding methods in social media to create a voice for your business.

Let’s focus on one social platform specifically, and how to target your customer base through paid ads.

Twitter uses a series of targeting tactics in order to find the right audience for your product, ad, event, or business. You can select an audience based on their interests, geography, gender, device they’re using, or similar users based on your followers. You can even target keywords to really make your ad relevant to the right people.

Keyword targeting in Twitter ads is different that SEO keyword targeting. With Twitter, you’re looking to target keywords based on how your followers talk or tweet, not how they search for services and products.

For example, a dentistry business in Omaha, NE might want to rank in SEO based on customers searching for:

Omaha dentist

Top ranked dentists in Omaha


This same business, when using Twitter ads, would want to target how the customer is speaking about their needs:

“My tooth hurts.”

“Looking to get my teeth whitened.”


Ad agencies that specialize in social media ads, SEO, and targeting are able to reach the most relevant customers for you. When you differentiate the type of keywords are beneficial to use for each type of search, your targeting becomes much more narrow, and you end up reaching the best audience for your business, rather than taking shots in the dark.

With all of the ad over-saturation out there these days, keywords and targeting can be really great allies for your marketing plan.