The Importance of Recharging and Re-Strategizing

The Importance of Recharging and Re-Strategizing


Being at the forefront of social media, it is a crucial part of my job to remain connected and in-tune with news, trends, client needs, and client goals. My day-to-day work life has my brain hooked up to every device within arms reach. Whether it’s my computer at work, my laptop at home, my phone, my iPad… all of these devices are intermingled, so I never miss a beat on the social media front.

But, missing a beat might be exactly what you need.

You may be shocked to hear this coming from a person who has a job description of always being “on”…

It’s ok to turn it off.

As a person who wears multiple hats, often needing to turn on a mental light bulb at a moment’s notice, this was a new thing – a horrifying thing – for me to come to terms with. But, once I did, my mind was at ease. I was able to really think hard about the strategy of a client’s campaign and understand, on a deeper level, how that strategy would function within the cogs of their business.

Some of the best “a-ha!” moments I have are in the quiet hours of the night, or early morning. There’s no traffic, there are no distractions or projects, and just looking out from my front porch is enlightening.

Go camping. Heck, just sit on your patio for a few hours.

Appreciate what you have around you. 

Spend some time not worrying about liking statuses, or scrolling through your video feed.

It could help you find your company’s social media voice. It could help you come up with a new idea for that product you’ve been meaning to launch. It could help you understand the collaboration flaws of your employees or team members. It could benefit you!

Many companies will tell you it’s important to be socially present every waking (and sleeping) moment. I’ll tell you this leads to panic, and mental exhaustion. We are all human. Your customers themselves are human. We all need time to recharge and re-strategize. Some of the best business ideas come when we’re unplugged.