The Purpose of A Slider

The Purpose of A Slider


Typically when we build sites, we ask the client if they would like a slider. If so, what would they like on it? Before our client can answer those questions, we first need to explain WHAT a slider is, and WHY we use them.

Let’s tackle the first question. For web purposes, sliders are a series of images or text, often utilized on a homepage of a site underneath the header (the logo and navigation menu) that ‘slide’ through. They don’t even necessarily need to ‘slide’, they can flip-in other images or text or fade out. Sliders can also be used in other areas of the site; for example, some portfolios have sliders set up to showcase projects, like this one.

Now that we know what a slider is, why would you want one on your website?

Sliders on a homepage are utilized to get an initial feel of your company because images and text are incredibly powerful. Are you earthy and organic? High tech? Corporate? Are you a home builder or do you sell bathtubs for dogs? You give an impression the second someone gets on your site. So, you want to give the right one.

One thing to keep in mind is to use the billboard-mindset: Few words and easy images. Because you have only seconds to get your message across before the user leaves your site or scrolls down the page, you want the initial impression to come across clear and easy.

Another thing to keep in mind is to limit your slides to no more than five. An overcrowded slider confuses your message and can leave your user feeling disengaged or overwhelmed with messages.

When used properly, with minimal text and images, sliders will enhance your website and give a concise overview of your business.