The SA Web Process: Step 3 (Content)

The SA Web Process: Step 3 (Content)


In previous blogs, we went over what we talk about in the initial meeting and the first steps to creating your custom website. Now we are going to talk about the content gathering stage. We often have clients ask us initially what ‘content’ means.

Content is: any image, text, copy, or information on your website.


We work with you from the beginning on what type of content you want on your website. If available, we ask for the pictures that will be on the site or start to gather stock photos that will convey your company’s image. We can also take professional photos of your business, product, or services for an additional cost. At this stage, we will also meet with you to discuss what copy you want on each page. Remember: you’re the expert when it comes to your business!

Our copywriter meets with you, or works with you through phone or email, to gather information about your company and create SEO-friendly content for your pages. With a few answered questions, our copywriter will get the information needed to communicate your brand to your clients, which we will cover in our next post.