The SA Web Process: Step 5 (Design and Creation)

The SA Web Process: Step 5 (Design and Creation)


Now that we’ve had our initial meeting, gotten an approved sitemap and look, and received most of the content, it’s time to start actually creating the site. This is when we move into the design and creation stage. This is where the magic begins! A few steps from the design and creation stage:

  • Setup a new test URL and server directory for your site.
  • Begin work on setup for a WordPress site.
  • Start to layout the site and set up the WordPress design.
  • Put all of the content on the site and create pages.
  • Edit and size photos to make sure everything is web-safe at this point.


Q: What is web-safe?

A: When we talk about web-safe, we mean color and file sizes that are web-friendly. We don’t want to add image files that are too large, because it takes a lot of time/bandwidth to load. Also, people do not want to wait for images to load. With our mobile-centric world, we also do not want to strain anyone’s data plan.


This step takes time to get everything in place and looking perfect. We work back and forth with you to make sure everything looks correct. We go through a process of 2 revisions, and once we are all happy, we move on to the final stage, wrap-up, and launch.