The SA Web Process: Step 7 (Wrap-Up & Launch)

The SA Web Process: Step 7 (Wrap-Up & Launch)


We’re nearing the end of the web process. Let’s recap: We’ve had our initial meeting, done the first steps, gotten the content, and have got the website created. Now, we work on the last steps to get the website launched.

As a team effort with you, we go through the website with a fine-tooth comb, and make any final changes. At this time, we will also plan when to launch the website. Once you give the approval, we make the website live.

Congratulations, it’s a website!


This process takes a few hours for us to perform, and it can take up to 48-hours for servers to show your new website to people across the web. So don’t fret if your phone is displaying your new website, but your computer isn’t.

In the final stage, we make a training guide for you to use, so you can edit and update your own website as needed. (Remember in Step 1, the “teach a man to fish” method?) We also bring you in, as well as your company team, partner, or website manager to conduct a training session on how to navigate and update your website’s backend content management system (WordPress).

We are not one of those agencies that wants to charge you a lot of money to change a few words on your site. We want to empower you to do it! Honestly, WordPress makes it so easy! Thats not to say we are not happy to help you; call us or email us when you need a refresher. We are always here to make changes to your website, when requested.