The SA Web Process: Step 8 (Post Launch & SEO/SEM)

The SA Web Process: Step 8 (Post Launch & SEO/SEM)


We’ve got a live site… now what?

Things are looking great! People are loving the new website, but you want more visibility and traction. Understandable! We’ve created your website with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. Which means, every photo has a correct title, name and alt tag, and every page has a clear and concise meta title and description.

We’ve made everything up to Google’s standards, but guess what? Google is always changing their standards and making changes to the search algorithm.


That’s where we can step in again. We provide an SEO package, where we stay on top of Google HUNDREDS of yearly changes. Making these constant changes can help your website rank higher with some searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. We also make changes on various off-site web pages, directories, and more.

We can also help boost your website with paid online advertising, SEM (search engine marketing) or, you may know it as Ad Words on Google. When you pay for SEM, your site is shown first on specific search terms. The more you spend on certain terms, the higher your ad is placed. For every click, it can cost whatever specified amount you placed on that term.

So you see, the web process can be a never-ending project. But with the right team helping you along the way, you can have a beautiful, professional website with the ammunition of SEO and SEM to back you up, keeping your business at the top.