Traffic, we hate it when we’re stuck in it, but we absolutely love it on our site or in our store.

It’s what every business has got to have in order to thrive, especially in the midst of some of the most challenging economic conditions we’ve ever seen.

So what are some of the critical keys from our experience that will help you increase and sustain traffic growth for your business?

  1. Commit to a dedicated budget for marketing/advertising.
  2. Create and execute a “smart” marketing and advertising plan that maximizes reach, frequency, engagement, and a call to action.
  3. Advertise consistently; everyone in your market is on a different timeline.  So you have to be “visible” when they are ready to buy.
  4. Identify and stress Brand Differentials that connect with “critical needs” in the marketplace.
  5. Ensure that your ad dollars are allocated on the basis of objective data, not on “what’s on sale this month”.
  6. Stand out:  consumers are inundated with over 40,000 messages every day, so yours has to be unique.
  7. Connect with your customer across multiple channels and build a  “relationship” instead of a sale.
  8. Treat every customer touch point like your business depended on it.
  9. Make an objective analysis; can all these things be done effectively internally, or would you be better served by utilizing an outside resource?