USS Hires Sleight Advertising for Weekly Video Blogs

USS Hires Sleight Advertising for Weekly Video Blogs


Nashville-based United Structural Systems recently hired Sleight Advertising to shoot a series of video blogs for the upcoming year. A one-day shoot on-site in Nashville garnered content for 15 video blogs to be released weekly over the next quarter.

Why Video Blogs?
Google’s algorithm changes place the pressure on companies to continuously produce new content in order to improve positioning in Google searches. A weekly video blog allows USS to capture the benefits of users’ time spent on their website, as well as through the transcripts’ keywords. Such Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is required of modern businesses to remain competitive in the digital realm—a space that directly affects millions of businesses’ bottom lines.

In addition to improving their SEO, a weekly video blog allows USS to showcase their knowledge. Each video contains insightful information, placing USS as a thought leader in their industry. With trust established prior to ever having interacted with a USS employee, consumers are primed for conversion.

Professional Touch
Once the raw footage had been captured, the production team got to work in their professional editing suites at Sleight Advertising’s Omaha office. Color grading brought the images to life. A graphics package and music bed tied the look and feel of the USS brand together. And precise editing helped solidify the story of a company ready and willing to inform consumers.

With the video blogs polished, Sleight Advertising pushed them out to USS’s social channels, furthering their SEO impact. Since Sleight Advertising is handling each step of this process, the USS marketing team is freed up to focus on other projects.

Company video blogs are exceptional marketing tools for any industry. If your business would like to profit from the benefits of video blogging, call Sleight Advertising today at (402) 334-3530