Every day, countless users in need of information take to the internet to find answers.

You can provide them in an innovative way: through a video blog.

Like traditional content, a video blog will help you establish yourself as a qualified expert in your field so an audience will seek you out with their questions. And these users aren’t just one-off viewers. They’re potential customers. With our Video Blog Package, you can become a thought leader in your arena, and in turn gain traffic, improve SEO, and increase sales.


1 Year of Video Blog Creation

Our video blog strategy will put your content — and thus, your company — at the forefront of your industry. The Video Blog Package includes:

  • Always fresh content: 12 videos per quarter, 48 videos per year
  • Each video blog edited in-house by Sleight Advertising
  • One video blog released per week, giving your company fresh content online each week
  • Each video blog filmed either at the Sleight Advertising studio or at your business

Video Blog Promotion

Even the best-produced video blog will have no impact if there aren’t eyes on it. We’ve devised a video blog promotion strategy to maximize viewers (and thus, results). Each video blog can be pushed out to:

  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest (if applicable)
  • YouTube
  • Stumble Upon

See what makes a Sleight video blog special – contact us today at (402) 334-3530.