Video Marketing 101: How It Works

Video Marketing 101: How It Works


We have already gotten into why video marketing is an effective strategy. It’s also important to understand how you can bring this strategy into your business. Video marketing can seem intimidating when you’re not sure of the right steps to take. Here are a couple key points to consider when planning a video marketing strategy:

Create a Plan

When you’re creating a video series, a content strategy and a timeline are key to keeping your business organized and on track. Once you establish what you want to say to your audience, determine the scope of your plan. Whether you choose a small scope or broad scope, make sure you relay your information in smaller points and keep the verbiage simple. It will make it easier for your audience to watch and understand.

After you determine your scope, create a timeline for the frequency of your video posts. A typical ongoing video series posts weekly, however, depending on your business size, audience reach, and type of content, it might make more sense to do a video series a few times per week or monthly.

Maintain Brand Consistency

It’s important to keep in mind the message you are trying to convey and the reputation of your company. We talked about values and goals earlier. Make sure the processes and avenues you take to create an effective video are in alignment with your business’s values and goals. If you’re an individual whose services are personal by nature (i.e. lawyer, therapist, personal trainer, etc.), video blogging might be a good route for you to establish a one-on-one connection. “How-to” videos are very effective for service companies and industries that provide a certain craft or trade. Regardless of what you do, maintain brand consistency.

The video marketing world is full of opportunity. Keeping these two key points in mind when you’re navigating the roads of video marketing will help put you and your business on the map.