Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sleight have in-house equipment?

Yes we do! SA Production Studio is our own in-house production studio where we house all of our video production equipment. Depending on the client, we often shoot video or photos on-location, but we are happy to use our own studio if we are not able to shoot on-location.

How much does video production cost?

This varies greatly on the project. Whether you’re looking for a company profile video, TV commercial, short web video, or animation, the cost is determined on a project-by-project basis. It also depends on if we need to hire talent, which will impact the price. We charge an hourly rate for our production work and we’re happy to provide a free estimate for you.

How long should my video be?

The length of your video depends on what the video is being used for. Company profile videos tend to be longer between 1-2 minutes, whereas TV commercials tend to be shorter between 15-30 seconds. Depending on the objective of your video and where it will be shown, we’re happy to provide recommendations on the length.

Does Sleight hire actors for commercials?

Yes, we have relationships with a lot of local talent agencies and can easily pick quality talent to star in your TV commercial. Sometimes clients prefer to be in the commercials themselves, which is perfectly fine, or we can hire professional talent.

Does Sleight write, create, and concept TV & radio campaigns?

Sleight can develop and write campaigns for your TV, radio, and online creative. We have a full creative staff that will create captivating campaigns for your marketing strategy.