Create a Fundraising Video

A successful fundraising strategy typically focuses on the stories of people impacted by the funds. People want to know the story behind the organization and why the funds are important, and the best way to show that is through video. Captivate your audience and show them what your organization is all about. The best way for people to understand the importance of your fundraising is to take them behind the scenes and show the people who are working to make the difference. Your story is powerful, and we want to help bring it to life.

Telling the Perfect Story

Your organization's story is what we want to capture. Whether you have a vision for your video or not, we're here to lead you in the right direction. For fundraising videos, it's typically a good idea to have an interview-style format with people in your organization to show the people who are making the difference and get their perspective. Supplemental b-roll footage would be used to visually represent how your organization is active in the community and making a difference. At Sleight Advertising, we'll help you tell the perfect story.